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A Weak Connection

We are now living in an exciting time where we can instantaneously be linked to the lives of others on a global scale. Through digital technology and virtual encounters, at the click of a button, tap of a screen, swipe left or swipe right, connections are made faster and more readily available than ever before. So why then is it that in “real life” people are experiencing increasing feelings of disconnectedness?

The ability to connect and share through the lens of technology (as we are right now) is an incredible tool in communicating with and to one another and it can be a beautiful bridging between distance, separation and time. But it’s lack in the richness of human interaction, pure sensory experience and direct access to immediate reality, does not qualify it to be a worthy replacement of face to face, real and tangible encounters. It’s only a simulation of the real thing and it cannot equate to the depth of connection we have when we can look into each others eyes, share embrace and breathe the same breath.

Community – God’s Design 

God in himself, from all of eternity, is the original and seamless manifestation of divine community. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit – three persons perfectly unified as one and the essence and embodiment of perfect relationship. It’s only natural having been made in the image of God, that we have an innate longing and need to belong; to God (our creator), to our truest selves (created in God), and to one another and our world.

At our very core we are wired and created for deep relationship, and to exist harmoniously with God and our neighbour is the ultimate goal of human cohabitation. It’s this beautiful picture of us, as parts of a whole, pursuing an organic and loving integrated life. God himself, saw upon review of all he had made, that is was “not good” for man to be alone.

Having meaningful relationships and the “doing of life” together is [after God] the single most important interaction we could and must ever have in our lifetime. Loving and authentic relationships are imperative for all human enrichment and enhancement. Physically dwelling among, seeing, listening, touching and encountering each other in the flesh, in our day to day existence is necessary in entering into deep connectedness. It’s in the interweaving of our lives and the sharing of our stories – the good and the bad, the calm and the chaotic, the plain and the pain and in celebrating life’s successes with each other, that life becomes more bearable, more meaningful and more deeply bonded to the kind of exchange God intended us to have with one another.

Loving our Neighbour 

The season I’m in right now, is one of unintentional disconnection and [though God has a plan in it) let me tell you, I feel absolutely malnourished being outside of community and I’m glad it’s only for a time, because we just can’t do it alone. We cannot carry the load of life and all that it demands, without the helping hands of our neighbour or the listening ear of our friends. We need to be encouraged and sown into, and vice versa. We weren’t made for individualistic life experiences or shallow, short lived connections inside screens. We need real transparency, we need to put down our devices and disconnect from the busyness of the day to day grind, switch off so that we can be switched on in our real life connections – the ones that matter most.

If we want to build deep and lasting relationships and “love our neighbour” as the Word instructs us to, then we need to actually know who our “neighbour” is. Like really know them. We need to be present without distractions. We need to be available to know what needs they have or what burdens they carry or what good thing to celebrate together. We need to meet without agenda and filters, just as we are and in unhurried set apart time that tells our friend “I love meeting here with you, because you are important to me, and what’s going on in your life, that’s important too.” We need to be there face to face to read that her words say “I’m ok,” while her tears tell a different story, so we can offer a hug and show we cared enough to just be there, in person. And you know, the less concerned we become with ourselves and the looser we are with our own agendas, the more we can impart into the lives of others and the more time we will give to those who need to have that beautiful exchange with us and us with them.

Make the Exchange

So my encouragement to you is this, if there is someone you have had on your heart or in the back of your mind for awhile now and have intended to meet up with but haven’t yet – get in touch today! Maybe you have been sharing and connecting with someone you’ve never met via a social media outlet and would love to know them in person (obviously do this safely, in public and with friends even) – see if they can meet for a coffee! Or maybe you haven’t visited a grandparent or an Aunty or sat down with your kids for more than an hour just playing or reading books – make time now!

Perhaps even one day (when the opportunity presents itself) we can meet in person or as a community in real time and shoulder to shoulder, connecting and speaking into one another and exchanging life. Though I’m incredibly thankful to have access to such amazing means through technology in which I can have a voice and connect with you in cyber community, the end goal and the real desire here at Woven is to cultivate connections and relationships between Christian Women that will eventuate beyond this realm and be thriving and fruitful in the real world ❤️

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”‭‭ – Hebrews‬ ‭10:24-25

Kayla H xo